By Ona Tasoin,

Leany Anggraini Adu or who is familiarly called Leany was born in Kupang, April 12, 1985. Leany is a graduate of English Study Program of University of Nusa Cendana (UNDANA). Leany is not married yet for she is busy in pursuing career as a trainer in TLM Foundation’s Home Industry program. Leany started to work at the TLM Foundation in 2011, in Transformation and Training Division, for the section of TLM Cooperative’s customers training at that time.

Leany said that at first, she was interested in joining and working with TLM Foundation besides wanting a career, she also shared knowledge as a teacher. With her experience of teaching at a Sunday school at his local church as well as his experience as a teacher in a compassion organization (PPA), she is confident that she can train in community empowerment programs, especially housewives.

When she joined TLM Foundation, Leany was also given a Training of Trainer (ToT) training for capacity building as well as adjustments from teaching children to training adults (housewives). She was also involved in home industry internship programs to food processing factories, business management training, entrepreneurship, financial management and even public service training (Customer Service Excellent). This is done by the TLM Foundation on a regular basis to prepare the training staff to be better prepared and able to train with the materials needed by the community.

In her service in the community as a Home Industry trainer, she needed to carry out stages such as; prepare materials according to training topics, training SOPs, handouts/modules, materials and tools for practice and etc.

The training topics also vary according to the group’s needs based on the results of a potential survey of both natural resource and human resource. As for the topics that have been trained such as; Training on fish processing (shredded fish, fish nuggets, smoked fish), training on sweet potato chips, pumpkin sticks, bananas, corn, moringa processing, meatball making, herbal medicine (jamu), coffee powder, red ginger powder, sewing training, furniture training/ carpentry, tire repair workshops, training on making souvenirs from shells, weaving training, barbershop training, beauty salon training and so on.

In addition, Leany also provides general knowledge training such as; Sanitation, human trafficking, balanced nutrition, reproductive health etc. Not only training, but she also provided business establishment assistance for those who wanted to start a new business after training and business management assistance for members who want to develop their current businesses.

Leany Adu admitted that she is now more confident in providing home industry training to adults after approximately 11 years of working as a trainer at TLM Foundation. Besides being confident, she is also more disciplined in doing everything, including when she is in the midst of her family. This happened because she was used to work according to the targets and SOPs given.

Leany admits that serving as a trainer is not easy. This is because she has to be away from her family and has to adapt to new environments she visits.

Leany added, there are many challenges that she often encounters in conducting Home Industry training, such as; The mindset of the trainees who often still depend on TLM staff where the average community has been patterned with assistance and aids, tends not to want to be an entrepreneur.

 “It often happens, we have given training, business capital assistance like materials and equipment and machines for production but it is not continued. Sometimes the materials we train are new to them and the surrounding community, so they find it difficult to sell their post-production products, this sometimes makes members lazy to continue their business,” said Leany.

However, Leany stated that she always provides follow-up assistance, both in person and by telephone, for members who wanted to consult on business development, and even help them to find a market for the group to sell their products.

In addition to marketing assistance, Leany also assists groups that are already producing regularly to obtain PIRT (Home Industry Food Permission) so that the product is easier to sell.

Although there are many things that make it difficult to work as Home Industry trainer, Leany said that she is proud and happy to be a trainer because she sees that being a trainer is a proof of TLM foundation’s concern for poor with their small businesses. With the positive changes that have occurred in society, Leany admits that being a trainer is a proud service when she is helping others through training and knowledge sharing.

Leany stated that the reasons she enjoyed being part of YTLM-GMIT as a trainer; “It’s great to see people who initially didn’t have a business, but after participating the training, they have the enthusiasm to build an independent business, and succeed in making a profit of up to IDR. 10 million per month, there is a special pride for me as a trainer.

In addition, I enjoy working at TLM because TLM has a clear career path. At TLM I was also taught to make rational and professional targets and work plans. Working at TLM is a tremendous blessing, not only for me personally but also for the community and my family.” Closed Leany.

28 Prospective Employees of TLM GMIT Savings and Loan Cooperative are prepared with Child Protection Material

By jerrybrand,

28 prospective employees of TLM GMIT Saving and Loan Cooperative joined early training to become Account Officer (AO). They will be placing in KSP TLM branch offices that located in NTT, NTB and Central Sulawesi (Palu).

The participants in the training were recruited by Human Recourses Division of KSP TLM GMIT. The recruitment had been opened for young people in NTT since early January 2018 through some selection stages.

The recruitment will continue every business. The purpose of the recruitment is not just to fulfill institution need of staff but as a contribution from TLM GMIT in decreasing the amount of unemployment in NTT.  Until January 2018, total staffs of KSP TLM are 438 people and it will keep increasing.

Training section head, Jusuf Adoe, as main trainer of the training said that the training will last for 7 days, from 30 January to 08 February 2018. During the training, the participants were provided with some important materials such Introduction to Institution (TLM Group), Rules and Code of Conduct, Loan Manual of SeSaMa, and Future Saving Manual (Deposit). This training ended with a writing test. Whoever passes the test will be placed in branches to follow field training before starting contract period.

Jusuf explained that KSP TLM coordinates with TLM Foundation to give training related to Child Protection for the prospective. This is also a contribution from TLM to prevent and reduce child abuse that lately has been happening rampantly.

Shanty Penlaana Kock, one of the spokes person of the training stated that TLM is a social economy institution that have good partnership with foreign donors, is obligated to integrate each of its work program with donors’. One of the programs is children protection.

“the idea came from Uniting World. TLM cooperate with sponsor institutions that necessitate TLM as their partner to participate in child protection campaign. And I feel that it is really important for TLM staff because they meet and socialize with society, including children in field every day. So, by providing them adequate knowledge of child protection regulation, they will practice it in the field by themselves. Aside from that, we really hope that staff who already got the training will never practice child abuse whether in their work or in their daily life,” said Shanty.  

One of the prospective staff, Efraim Kadja Pau said that he is so happy with the training because they are prepared with some beneficial materials, not just work manual but also social material so they will be more ready to socialize with society.

“of course we are so happy with this training because we are taught how to protect children’s rights, to keep them away from many types of abuse, whether it is physical or physiological so they can freely play and study to grow as good nation’s next generation. So as a good staff, this material is a good provision for us to serve the public and also to protect ourselves and avoid child abuse in society,” said Efraim.  

Children Protection Training has been conducting since 2013. This training is for all KSP TLM and TLM foundation staff, whether old or new staff with a hope that whoever works in TLM can be the agent of children protection in public, started from their own family to help reducing child abuse that often occurs among society.



SID (Village Information System) 3.04 Training in Rote Ndao Regency

By jerrybrand,

SID training was conducted by TLM foundation, cooperated with DPMB (Village Community Empowerment Agency) of Rote Ndao Regency. The purpose of this training is to teach the participant from each village in Rote Ndao Regency on how to operate web-based computer application called SID (Village Information System) version 3.04. This training was ran for 3 days from 26-28 of October 2017 in Ti’I Langga Auditorium, Rote Ndao Regency office complex.

First day of Training, 26 October 2017

The first day of training was opened by Ir. Untung, Assistant I of Rote Ndao Regional Government. Accompanied by an official from village community empowerment agency of Rote Ndao, Medi Pello. In his opening speech, Ir. Untung informed the participants about the importance of data for government policy-making. Because of that, Rote Ndao Government is thankful to TLM Foundation for giving training for village heads in Rote Ndao Regency which have 112 villages and they hope that SID application will be helpful for village government for logging village community and village administrative service.

First day training was attended by participant which most of them are computer operator from 3 sub-districts, that are: Lobalain Sub-district (19 people), Central Rote sub-district, (6 orang), Pantai Baru sub-district (19 people) and 10 people from other sub-districts.

Second day of Training, 27 October 2017

The second day of training was attended by participants form 3 sub-district, they are: Northwest Rote sub-district (38 people), East Rote sub-district (15 people), South Rote sub-district (17 people), and there were 4 people from 2 sub-district who did not attend the first day training. The training was started at 09.00 am to 05.00 pm. During the training, many of the participant asked about conditions or problems about village administration that they are facing. At the end of the training, the participants stated that SID program is very useful for them.

Third day of training, 28 October 2017

The third day of training was attended by representative of 3 sub-districts, they are; Northwest Rote (32 people), West Rote (7 people), and Landu Leko sub-district (12 people). Training started at 09.00 am and ended at 04.30 pm. In this training, many of participants asked questions about the condition of village community related to SID program implementation. Those questions were about how to log the data of villagers who have not had family cards and many more questions.

From the third day training, we can conclude that government officials in Rote Ndao have big interest in the application of information technology for community service as seen from total participants which is 90 out of 122 villages.




Officials and Community Training on Village Establishment based on 2014 Village Law

By jerrybrand,

On 2015, Government declared a policy to establish nation from village and it is followed up by the published of Village Law Number 6 Year 2014.

Villages are given autonomy to manage the establishment from planning to developing.  Every year, Government provide village fund from APBN (Regional Revenues and Expenditures Budget). The management of the budget is the responsibility of village officials and village community. TLM Foundation takes part to improve the capacity of the officials and the community to implement village establishment.

The program is “Officials and Community Training about Village Establishment  on the implementation of Village Law Number 6 Year 2014”.


A meeting to discuss training schedule


Village Information System Training for Village Officials


Training of Community Participation in Village Establishment


Community Training of Village Establishment Plan


Village Official Mentoring in making Village Level Planning and Development


Village Officials Training




Village Law Training Workshop

By admintlm,

For the 2nd time) on 15-17 May 2017 TLM Foundation held Training and Discussion on how to apply Village Act, followed by 36 villages from 4 districts of each regency of Kupang, Rote Ndao, South Central Timor (TTS) and Sumba East. The event featured speakers Mr. Yusuf Murtiono, the leader of the FORMASI Kebumen NGO who has successfully implemented village assistance in various other areas of Indonesia through the Village School for People (SADAR). In addition to the village head, activities were also followed by village facilitators and TLM Foundation staff. From Kebumen, as a resource person who mastered the Village Law.

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