TLM Saving and Loan Cooperative

The TLM Saving and Loan Cooperative is a community bank in NTT. At the end of each year, the profits from the business are shared with the members. It aims to help low to middle income people.


28 Prospective Employees of TLM GMIT Savings and Loan Cooperative are prepared with Child Protection Material

28 prospective employees of TLM GMIT Saving and Loan Cooperative joined early training to become Account Officer (AO). They will be placing in KSP TLM branch offices that located in NTT, NTB and Central Sulawesi (Palu). The participants in the training were recruited by Human Recourses Division of KSP TLM GMIT. The recruitment had been opened for young people in NTT since early January 2018 through some selection stages. The recruitment will continue every business. The purpose of the recr...

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TLM-GMIT Saving and Loan Cooperative, First National Primary Cooperative in NTT

  • Serving more than 60000 females without discrimination
  • A home for Members and Staff
Tanaoba Lais Manekat GMIT Saving and Loan Cooperative (KSP TLM-GMIT) is one of unit business initiated by TLM GMIT Foundation under Synod of GMIT, work and serve society to improve society’s and congregation’s economy by giving business modal loan for small enterprise so they can escape poverty. After a while, KSP TLM successfully cha...

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