Client Training

The TLM Foundation offers mentorship and training to people in rural communities. This training gives people the opportunity to improve their livelihoods and lifestyle.


TLM Foundation established since 1995 gives opportunity economically to marginal group/poor people in East Nusa Tenggara to improve their life quality. The main focus of TLM Foundation is to help small entrepreneurs to improve their business by giving work modal loan and training of business management

Client training is important because it gives additional knowledge for serviced client to help their business stay sustainable and grow bigger. If it happened, the work loan can give real impact f to society.

After years of work loan and client training program implementation being run, TLM Foundation found that many problems grew among society, including TLM clients. For that reason, target and material of training was changed and developed according to the transformation and need of society. Some of them are training method that previously textual based information is now being informed using multimedia based practice and simulation such playing movie like Malaria and How To Prevent, Environmental Hygiene, Clean Water, Seaweed and its processing and Paronisasi.

Generally. TLM Foundation divided training into 3 sections which are;

1. Community Training, is a training delivered to village community, especially TLM Foundation serviced villages target that are now 8 villages in 4 Regencies with following materials :

    a. Home Industry Development.
    The purpose of this training is to create high quality home industry product from local crops, BPOM registered and P-IRT registered. Aside from it, TLM Foundation also strengthened groups’ capacity with simple accountancy, market network development, product hygiene etc.

    b. Sanitation and Healthy Environment
    Community member in the 8 assisted villages also join dissemination of life quality improvement through material of healthy food, self-hygiene and environment hygiene and sanitation.

2. Client Training, is training specially delivered to members of TLM Foundation’s business unit, TLM Saving and Loan Cooperative (KSP TLM). The meterials are: Human Trafficking, Nutrient for Family, Benefit of Saving, Clean Water, Proper way of hand-washing. This training is delivered at the same time of SeSaMa group meeting. Aside from materials mentioned before, the members also served with material of the benefit of moringa leaf. The purpose of this material is so the members will understand the healthy advantages of consuming moringa leaf that can fulfill their nutrient needs like our motto: “being healthy is not expensive” because moringa plant is easy to find around them.

3. Village Officials Training, is a training on village law Number 4 Year 2014 implementation, Village Fund Management, Village Information System that conducted 4 times in a year in each village office. The purpose of this training is to improve the knowledge of village officials on village law number 4 year 2015 so that they will be able to make village establishment planning document on time. Moreover, this training is also to inform village community about their rights and obligations according to Village law Number 4 Year 2014.


Officials and Community Training on Village Establishment based on 2014 Village Law

On 2015, Government declared a policy to establish nation from village and it is followed up by the published of Village Law Number 6 Year 2014. Villages are given autonomy to manage the establishment from planning to developing.  Every year, Government provide village fund from APBN (Regional Revenues and Expenditures Budget). The management of the budget is the responsibility of village officials and village community. TLM Foundation takes part to improve the capacity of the officials and ...

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SID (Village Information System) 3.04 Training in Rote Ndao Regency

SID training was conducted by TLM foundation, cooperated with DPMB (Village Community Empowerment Agency) of Rote Ndao Regency. The purpose of this training is to teach the participant from each village in Rote Ndao Regency on how to operate web-based computer application called SID (Village Information System) version 3.04. This training was ran for 3 days from 26-28 of October 2017 in Ti’I Langga Auditorium, Rote Ndao Regency office complex.

First day of Training, 26 October 201...

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28 Prospective Employees of TLM GMIT Savings and Loan Cooperative are prepared with Child Protection Material

28 prospective employees of TLM GMIT Saving and Loan Cooperative joined early training to become Account Officer (AO). They will be placing in KSP TLM branch offices that located in NTT, NTB and Central Sulawesi (Palu). The participants in the training were recruited by Human Recourses Division of KSP TLM GMIT. The recruitment had been opened for young people in NTT since early January 2018 through some selection stages. The recruitment will continue every business. The purpose of the recr...

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