Disability Advocacy

People with disability (PWD) are still considered as group of society who need commiseration and help so that they do not have opportunity to develop themselves according to their skill and ability. Based on that condition, TLM Foundation procured programs for PWD such as workshop, internship, skill training and work capital assistance.


PWD in NTT are still considered as member of society who need to be pitied and protected to they cannot have chance to develop themselves with their skills to be independent socially and economically.

Based on the condition above, TLM Foundation procures disabilities programs such :

  1. Workshop
    • “Confidence” Training
    • “Avoiding Dependency” Training
    • “Independend Life” Training
    • Dare to Compete in Business” Training
  2. Internship
    • Beauty Salon
    • Sewing
    • Making Accessories
    • Crafting
  3. Work Capital Assistance.

The purpose of this program is to teach PWD how to become independent and develop their skill and business as well as improve their life standard to support them in order to have equal social relationship with all people around.

Currently, PDW program is implemented in Kupang municipal and Kupang regency. TLM Foundation has been implementing PWD empowerment with skill training, workshop and work capital assistance since 2014.

In its 3 years of implementation, TLM Foundation has served 91 PwDs.