Seroja Emergency Response

Tropical Cyclone and Seroja Storms hit NTT, Hundreds of Victims and Thousands of Houses Swept Away by Floods and, Landslides and Strong Winds


For 3 days, from Friday (2/4/2021) to Sunday (4/4/2021), most of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) hit by Seroja tropical cyclone.

Extreme heavy rain with speed reaching 85km/h caused flash floods and landslides, resulting in casualties, material losses, and even traumatic experiences and grief for most of the people in NTT who are affected by the disaster.

The peak of the Seroja tropical cyclone occurred on April 5, 2021 midnight which then hit all areas in NTT which caused even more severe damage to infrastructure. Lots of people took refuge in safe buildings such as churches and big buildings.

The areas affected by the disaster so far are included in the service areas of the TLM Foundation (such as Kupang City, Kupang Regency, TTS, Rote Ndao, Alor, East Sumba and Ende).

Based on data collected until Wednesday night (7/4), the total casualties in several affected districts and cities totaled 138 people. Details of the victims who died, namely East Flores Regency 67 people, Lembata 32 people, Alor 25 people, Kupang Regency 5 people, Malaka 4 people, Sabu 2 people, Ngada 1 person, Ende 1 person and Kupang City 1 person.

While the total of missing were 61 people from the coordination report. The details are as follows Lembata 35 people, Alor 20 people and East Flores 6 people.

Meanwhile, material losses in the housing sector amounted to 1,114 units, with details of which were 688 heavily damaged, 272 moderately damaged and 154 lightly damaged.

In this case, emergency handling efforts such as searching and evacuating victims, services for displaced residents, distribution of aid, data collection and opening of isolated accesses continue and are still being carried out.

Those areas affected by the storm are included in the service are of TLM Foundation and GMIT (Christian Evangelical Church in Timor) such City of Kupang, regency of Kupang, Southeast Timor, Rote Ndao, Alor, East Sumba and Ende.

As a community empowerment organization that serves in NTT, TLM GMIT Foundation sympathizes with all victims and ready to be a Partner Organization for distribution of Aid for community affected by the disaster

Prayer and Support from all Donor Agencies, individual or sympathizers for people of NTT are needed for Recovery of NTT Province.


Seeing this, TLM Foundation formed a Disaster Emergency Response Team to help ease the burden on the victims of the Seroja Tropical Cyclone disaster in the TLM service area by conducting a survey to obtain information about the dead, missing victims, displaced victims, damage to houses according to the level of their respective needs based on the priority scale.

1. Gathering Information and Data Collection

TLM Foundation mobilizes its personnel to Disaster-affected areas for information gathering and taking pictures as well as needs survey. Currently the areas visited are: Alor Regency, Kupang Regency, TTS Regency, Rote Ndao Regency and Sabu Raijua Regency. In addition, it also collects information from online media to be used as a comparison.

2. Fundraising

The TLM Foundation makes proposals to donor agencies / partners and third parties to help victims of the Seroja Cyclone Disaster through TLM Foundation.

3. Aids Preparation

After conducting the survey of needs, TLM Foundation prepared the most needed aid for the victims collectively to be distributed such as; Chain Saw machines, building materials, tarpaulins, instant food for babies and toddlers.

4. Distribution

The TLM Foundation sent assistance through a local team in the area, be it a church or TLM staff, to be conveyed to disaster victims.


 Yayasan TLM-GMIT
 Address : Jln. Ahmad. Yani No.43 Oeba-Kupang NTT 85122
 Telp    : (0380) 8431115
 Email   :
 WA:     1. Ferdy Frans      (+62 813-3801-0007)
         2. Marisa Christine (+62 812-3621-8520) 

 For Donation :
 Bank           : Artha Graha, Cabang Kupang 
 Account Holder : Yayasan TLM
 Account Number : 1079551615
 Swift Code     : ARTGIDJA 

Donors / Partners

Current Donor agencies in collaboration with the TLM Foundation to help victims of the Seroja Tropical Cyclone Disaster namely:

1. Amos Australia

2. Opportunity International Australia

3. FORKOMDES (Forum Komunikasi Kepala Desa NTT)