Training and Discussion on Making RKPDes (Village Government Work Plan) and RPJMDes (Medium-Term Development Term) in TTS, Soe.

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As a follow-up after the forming of FORKOMDES (Village Communication Forum) in Regency of TTS, TLM-GMIT Foundation coordinated a Training and Discussion meeting on how to make the layout of RKPDes and RPJMdes for 226 village heads in TTS. This meeting was conducted for two days, from Monday, 16 October 2017 to Tuesday, 17 October 2016 in Timor Megah Hotel Hall, Soe.

The first day of training and discussion was attended by 10 village heads, represented 10 sub-districts in TTS. The meeting was opened by greeting speech from General Chief of FORKOMDES, Mr. Soleman Na’u, Oelbubuk village head. In his short speech, he thanked TLM Foundation by saying; “I am really thankful to TLM Foundation for conducting this training, I hope that FORKOMDES will keep continue.” TLM, through its two trainers and seven facilitators trained the village heads of how to make RKPdes and RPJMdes. Aside from the trainers and facilitators, Executive Director of TLM Foundation, Mr. Rozali Hussein also joined the meeting.

In the second day, total village head who attended the training increased to 12 people, represented 12 sub-districts. In the second day, the village heads also came with their secretaries. Total attendance in the second day was 23 people. In the discussion section of second day, some of the heads took a chance to give their opinion about the meeting conducted by TLM. They confessed that they had never involved in intensive training and mentoring of how to make RKPdes and RPJMdes from the authorized. They worked with very limited knowledge and understanding so it is not a surprise that there was always irrelevancy in implementing development in village and everything related to the village fund management.

Lakat village head, Yahya Selan said; “I am so grateful to TLM because before it ran this training and discussion, we never received debriefing about how to manage village fund. If it is possible, please save 226 villages, not just 10.” Jacob Jesaya Lango, village head of Linamutu said; “TLM is incredibly care about us”, and General chief of FORKOMDES, Mr. Soleman Na’u added; “we have sub-district and village mentor but they never guide us. We are so thankful because TLM wants to do that. We will continue this training to sub-districts. We hope that TLM will keep mentoring us and listening to our complaints.”

This training will be passing on by attended village head to those who could not attend the meeting and also to all village secretaries who have never received training before.


Exceutive Directure of TLM, Rozali Hussein also joined the training


Discussion section


Discussion section


Discussion section




Forming of Village Communication Forum

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Yayasan Tanaoba Lais Manekat (YTLM) on 15-17 May 2017, conducting Training and Discussion of Implementation of Act number 6 of 2014 or known as the Village Law. The event was held in YTLM Hall Jl. Ahmad Yani no. 43 Oeba, inviting 36 village heads from 4 districts, each Kupang district, Rote Ndao, South Central Timor (TTS) and East Sumba. The event featured speakers Mr. Yusuf Murtiono, Chairman of the Presidium of the Kebumen Civil Society Forum (FORMASI) who has successfully implemented village assistance in various other areas of Indonesia through the Village School for People (SADAR). In addition to the village head, activities were also followed by village facilitators and TLM Foundation staff.

Training and Discussion Activities Implementation of Village Law aims to improve the capacity and capability of the apparatus in understanding the purpose of the Village Law and its supporting regulations, in order to be able to carry out development planning, budget planning until its implementation is participatory, democratic, transparent and has benefits for each village.

The village heads who were present greatly benefited from this training, through informant information as well as from discussions built amongst the village heads. They hope the same activities can be done on a regular basis.

To realize the above intentions, the village heads present felt it was necessary to establish a communications forum together as a forum for discussion and information sharing.

At the end of the session, the participants agreed to form an organization called Forum Communication of the Village Government of East Nusa Tenggara Province (NTT) or FORKOM NTT. Formation of the forum continues by selecting the Presidium Board with the composition: Samson Balukh, Head of Oematamboli Village, Rote Ndao Regency as Chairman of the Presidium; Jemmy Kapitan, Soba Village Chief, Kupang District as Secretary; Yohana Lailogo, TLM Foundation as deputy secretary; and Amatus Tateni, Head of Naip Village, TTS Regency as Treasurer.

In addition, coordinators in 3 regions were chosen: Watson Sodi Mbuik, Chief of Kolobolon Village, as Korote Rote Ndao Regency; Yorim Rensini, Head of Apren Village, as Kupang District Coordinator; and Jemi B.M. Benu, Head of Panite Village, as Korwil of TTS District. All the village heads present were the founders of the forum and at the same time being members. Other regional councils will be formed later.

The Presidium Council of FORKOM Desa Provinsi NTT is given the trust and duty to socialize the existence of forums in each district in order to get more support from the village government organizers and to build communications and coordination across districts so that the district policy that will be made for the village can be truly implemented and protect the village. TLM Foundation will also play a role in assisting this forum to enhance cooperation between villages and as a liaison with other competent parties for forum development. It is also stipulated that the management of the Presidium of FORKOM of the NTT Provincial Village is 3 years with the address of the secretariat while located at TLM Foundation Head Office Jl. Ahmad Yani no. 43 Oeba-Kupang. The FORKOM Presidium of the selected NTT Provincial Villages will hold a follow-up meeting in June to complement the completeness of the organization as well as to plan the activities and socialization.


Handover of the forkomdes document to the board of the NTT forkomdes by Mr. Rozali, President Director of TLM Foundation


Photo with the board of Forkomdes NTT with Mr. Yusuf, chairman of the FORMASI NGO


Speech from Mr. Rozali, President Director of TLM Foundation


Speech from NTT Forkomdes Chairman, Simsoni Balukh


Photo with the board of Forkomdes NTT with Mr. Rozali and Mr. Yusuf


Photos with participants Training and Discussion of Village Law with the board of Forkomdes NTT

Village Forum in Rote Ndao Regency

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in Rote Ndao Regency, Tanaoba Lais Manekat Foundation running the  Training and Discussion of The Implementation of Law Number 6 Year 2014 on Village and FORKOMDES at regency level for two days (28 – 29 September 2017), base upon coordination among : Rote Ndao Regency Government (Rote Ndao Village Community Empowerment Agency), TLM Foundation Kupang, SADAR Foundation and Village Government.

The activity held in Bumi Ti’i Langga Auditorium and attended by 112 village heads and village officials of 10 sub-districts with total participant 209 people. The forum was opened by Assistant I of Rote Ndao Regional Government, Mr. Ir Untung Harjito, represented The Regent of Rote Ndao, Mr. Drs. Leonard Haning, MM.

In his written speech, Haritjo said that village official should be fully ready to manage village fund for the interest of village community, build coordination with many parties and prepare village profile.

Village head of Oelunggu, Mr. Yonatah Tulle, SH admitted that the forum gives more erudution of how to manage village fund that has been problematic because the lack of knowledge on law and regulation. “we hope that this kind of discussion and training can be conducted continually in the future,” Said Tulle.

The Discussion and Training that ended in 29 September 2017 has successfully formed and stipulated organization structure of Rote Ndao Regency FORKOMDES by electing village heads/village officials with following structure:  Chief: Modosinal village head, Fendy Muda, Secretary: Maubesi village head, Firlot Pellokila and Treasurer: Daeurandale village head, Sepri Landuleko Sina. For regional coordinator, 10  village heads of 10 sub-districts in Rote Ndao Regency were elected.


Taking Photos together


Submission of Training Material by Mr. Rozali from TLM Foundation


Training Participants ask about the material submitted


Introduction of SID by Pak Ferdy of the TLM Foundation


With Assistant I Regional Secretary of Rote Ndao, Ir Harung Harjito





Village Forum in TTS Regency

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Training and discussion conducted in TTS Regency was opened by The head of BPMD (Village Community Empowerment Agency), Mr. Okto Nabuasa. In his speech, Okto confirmed that village officials should be fully ready to manage village fund for village interests, to build a good coordination with other institutions so there will be no deviation that will brings them to the court.  The participants of the activity were 100 people from invited village. This is the first time TLM conducted this activity so there are some obstacles like difficulty in delivering notice to village heads through telephone because some places have no phone connection so only 48 heads of 10 sub-districts attended even though there are 32 sub-districts and 266 villages in TTS. TLM-GMIT Foundation hope that all village heads in TTS will involve in future activity.

The purpose of this activity is to strengthen the capacity of village officials and the capacity of village in implementing Law number 6 year 2014 on village and village fund management and also to socialize and form village government communication forum in TTS regency.

Spokesperson of this activity was Mr. Yusuf Murtiono from LSM SADAE, Kebumen, Central Java who has successfully in fighting for village right through village schools. One of village heads who attended the activity, Charles Nabuasa, from Bena, said that he is really happy and thankful to TLM for conducting the training and discussion activity for it gives him more knowledge of how to manage village fund that has always been problematic because of the lack of comprehension about applicable regulation and law. He wished that the discussion and the training can be conducted continually.

One of the materials presented during the activity was introduction of SID (Sistem Informasi Desa/Village Information System) and village administration management, whether it is related to correspondence or village community data base that can be accessed electronically in one program to facilitate village to work more effectively and efficiently. In the last weekend, TLM Foundation and all the head villages agreed to form FORKOMDES (Forum Komunikasi Desa /Village Communication Forum) at TTS regency level with board composition as following;  Soleman Na’u, village head of Oelbubuk Village as Chief, Asto Lopo, village head of Kuanfatu village as Secretary,  and Rista, village head of Supul village as treasurer. After the composition forming, forum members elected 10 village heads from each sub-district as regional coordinator; they are 10 heads of representative sub-districts who were present at the time. The purpose of the election is to ease the communication in the next training and discussion activities where the core board of FORKOMDES will be trained by TLM Foundation with TOT (Training of Trainer) method, and then they will be responsible to train other village heads in their regions.


Opening of training and discussion


Submission of Material by Mr. Rozali from the TLM Foundation


Submission of Material by Mr. Yusuf from NGO SADAR


The atmosphere of training and discussion


Taking photo together