A Motorbike Mechanic Recklessly Runs Business of Dragon Fruits

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Yanto Welem Nenohai (33) who works as motorbike mechanics in his own workshop in Ofu village, Kalbano sub-district, Southeast Timor, recklessly bought all dragon fruit crops from Kuiltit productive garden on Wednesday, 6 February 2019 from Kiubaat village, which is the assisted village of TLM Foundation.

Initially, the man of three children bought 2 dragon fruits to consume. After feeling the sweetness and appealing color of the fruits, he then shared some photos of the fruits on his facebook account for fun.

I just wanted to post the pictures on my facebook but some of my facebook friends saw them and requested me to send them” said Yanto. That is when he started getting requests on comment box and messenger from some acquaintances who are his workshop partners in Kupang.

Even though that was the first time he tried to run dragon fruit business, this husband of Feni Talan admitted that he was brave enough to buy 30kg at price of Rp. 50.000/kg for he was sure that buyers will offer a good price because of Kiubaat dragon fruit taste is far different, much sweeter from dragon fruits from other places that he has tested before.

Aside from its color and taste, Yanto is interested in the way it is grown in “Kuiltit” productive garden with organic system that use only animal manure and not chemical fertilizer.

“I like it because they do not use chemical fertilizer, makes it so tasty and lasts longer” said Yanto to productive garden members and TLM Foundation village facilitator after harvesting dragon fruits in garden location. He promised that he will be loyal costumer if his first sale is successful and he will come back to the garden to buy the dragon fruits at better price. (@Defrid, TLM Foundation Village Facilitator in Kiubaat Village)

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Celebrating its 11th Anniversary, TLM Rural Bank Has Won The Predicate of Best National Rural Bank for 8 times.

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Tanaoba Lais Manekat Rural Bank (BPR TLM), celebrated its 11th Anniversary in TLM Foundation Hall (Friday, 01/02/2019), inviting several higher-ups of Government, board of commissioners, board of director, staff of TLM Group and community leaders.

Robert P. Fanggidae, Executive Director of TLM Bank in his opening speech said that until now, TLM Bank is the biggest rural bank on NTT and has been awarded as The best National Rural Bank for 8th times according to InfoBank Magazine. This achievement happened because the director board focused on better human resources transformation to improve competitiveness in society and the quality of service for clients.

“The recent good news from TLM bank is we passed Indonesia Financial Service Authority regulation of Capital Adequacy Ratio that reaches 12%, even we are able to collect Rp 7,6 billion within 4 months. Our initial capital was Rp. 1.5 billion but at end of year as of December 2018, we closed our fiscal year by Rp 221 billion in total,” explained Robert.

He admitted that all the success is due to the grace of God and hard work as well as well management from whole team.

Market control rate of Rural Bank in NTT is still lacking, where, Rural banks own only Rp 685 billion of Rp 35 trillion total asset, making it as a challenge for Rural Bank to develop programs such fee-free saving account, competitive interest loan and deposit with attractive interest.

Aside from that, TLM Rural Bank held some activities to support Churches like choir competition, go green and many others. Furthermore, Robert stated that TLM Bank cooperate with UMKM (Micro, small and medium enterprise) in processing moringa leave as answer to challenge from Governor of NTT, Viktor Bungtilu Laiskodat who attended the 11th anniversary celebration.

“I appreciate the work performance of TLM Bank which now is 11 year old, for establishing a bank is not easy. I have that experience. That is why trust should be the selling point of a bank” said Mr. Victor when delivering his speech.“

He added that the role of TLM bank in improve NTT people’s economy is quite big. With their amazing motto “serve with love”, TLM bank have a massive opportunity to serve because of the high level of poverty in NTT.

The recent elected Governor also hoped that there will be cooperation between TLM Bank and Government, hand in hand, to unite, to move together establishing NTT.

Aside from The Anniversary Thanks giving service, TLM Bank also conducted blood donation as their routine social action in recent years.

The donation was held in Saturday (2/2/2019) in TLM Foundation Hall with “one drop of blood for a million hopes” as theme, was a coactions of TLM Bank and PMI (Indonesian Red Cross Society) by inviting TLM staff of TLM Foundation, TLM Bank, TLM Saving anf Loan Cooperative and TLM Consumer Cooperative as well as their families and other community.

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TLM Foundation Holds Journalistic Training

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Executive Director of Tanaoba Lais Manekat Gereja Masehi Injili di Timor (TLM-GMIT), Rozali, said that there are many services done by TLM in several villages but unknown by society.

“for that reason, journalistic training is necessary for TLM staff so that our services in villages will be known by the society,” explained Rozali when opening the training in TLM Foundation Hall, Monday (28/1/2019).

The 2 day training is a collaboration between TLM Foundation and PT Timor Media Grafika (TMG)

Spokespersons in the first day of training are News Manager of Pos Kupang, Ferry Jahang and Production Manager, Alfons Nedabang.

The participants of the training are 26 staff of TLM Foundation, consist of headquarter staff and village facilitators who serve in several village of NTT.

According to Rozali, the facilitators who serve in Rote Ndao Regency have successfully grown dragon fruits in a area of 1 hectare, as well as the village facilitators in other village in NTT.

“Many people have tasted and enjoyed the dragon fruits but it is not widely known by society’” he added.

Rozali explained that, aside from dragon fruits, there are many unknown tourism objects in their assisted village because they have not been introduced to the public. (*)

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