TLM Rural Bank Movement in working and Serving the Society

By jerrybrand,
  • Attains IDR 215 Billion Asset
  • The best National Rural Bank

Tanaoba Lais Manekat GMIT Rural Bank is a business unit established and developed by TLM-GMIT Foundation to serve clients’ need of small and medium enteIDRrise capital loan to increase congregation and society’s welfare.

BPR TLM has been established by TLM Foundation since 1 February 2008, as a media of congregation’s economy empowerment. It is located in Ahmad Yani Street No. 43, Oeba village, Kelapa Lima sub-district, Municipal of Kupang, Province of East Nusa Tenggara. It has 1 branch office in Baubau, Kupang Regency and 1 cashier office in Naikoten, Kupang Municipal.

Executive director of TLM Bank, Robert Fanggidae, through its secretary explained that in its development, the bank has undergone significant growth, especially asset growth. By 31 December 2017, the bank has successfully achieved IDR. 215 Billion, while total of disbursed credit is IDR 189 Billion, saving is IDR 53 billion, Deposit is IDR 136 billion, capital deposit is IDR 12 billion, profit is 4.9 billion, NPL is 2,38% with total client 12,458 people. This number will keep increasing.

Robert who familiarly called Pak Bobi said that TLM Rural Bank since its establishment until now has been implementing a good management and service, so since year of 2011 to 2017, it is successfully predicated as of one of the best National Rural Bank for seven times in a row  with “VERY GOOD” from INFO BANK  magazine. This achievement need to be appreciated to make it as a motivation for TLM Rural Bank Management in serving society.

To maintain the achievement, TLM Rural Bank keeps working on improvement and innovation to improve service, to adjust with market competition that gets higher over time. For that matter, TLM Rural Bank plans to be more enterprising in enhancing its credit quality, adding deposit capital and improving human resources quality. “We are doing all of these because transformation is a must, not a choice. The enhancement of human resources quality is a priority”. Said Robert.

TLM Rural Bank has created work field for 84 staff who work every business hour serving the society. They are recruited from various education backgrounds and then being well trained about their job desk to make them professional in serving congregation and society. This is one of institution contribution in providing employment that can decrease unemployment rate in Province of NTT

While about credit improvement provided, what has been running becomes TLM Bank success indicator in general. TLM Rural Bank works hard, scrutinizes market opportunity, and innovates in designing its products such suppress loan interest to 0,83% flat per month, raise interest rate of future saving/deposit to 8,75 so it can compete in society.

TLM Bank Credit Director, Yeremia Nappoe in a meeting in his room explained that for this month (March), TLM Bank give promo of consumptive loan for civil servants, they have opportunity to access the loan with simple requirements and fast process.

“We give them competitive interest (0,83% per month) with a fast process, maximal 1 day for disbursement. They just  need to complete administrative requirements, civil servant decree letter as warranty, while  private company employees have to provide additional warranty like land certificate or BPKB (certificate of vehicles ownership). We can take over clients’ loan for those who already have loan in other microfinance company if they could fulfill the requirements. Loan time period starts from 5 to 20 years; depend of their remaining work time as civil servants.” Explained Yerry.

Futhermore, Yerry stated that everyone can be TLM Bank client, whether saving or loan client as long as they can fulfill applicable terms and conditions. This is a chance; it depends on whoever wants to take it.

“Aside from to uplift TLM BANK quality service to the society the puIDRose of this consumptive credit offering for society is to stimulate weary market share in this early year to increase our credit and debit growth” He said.

As one of TLM Rural Bank leaders, Yerry hopes that in the future, they can succeed TLM Banks as a bank that more advanced and have better quality in serving, especially the quality of human resources, strong management and better credit quality with all TLM stakeholders.