We are Happy to Shop

By jerrybrand,

In Christmas Time 2017 and New Year 2018, Tanaoba Lais Manekat (TLM Group), in this case, TLM Foundation and its Business Units; TLM Rural Bank, TLM Saving and Loan Cooperative and Consumer Cooperative held a Year Closing and Opening Service. After the service that conducted on 19 December 2017, TLM Group, represented by Manager Board of each unit symbolically gave 75 shopping vouchers worth Rp. 200.000,-/voucher to 75 children of 2 Christian Orphanages in Kupang, they are;  Petra-Fatufeto Christian Orphanage and GMIT 22 Orphanage.

TLM Group through its Transformation Division, cooperated with Subasuka Gallery Management to provide shopping voucher as Christmas gift for the orphans.  These vouchers were given to shop Christmas and New Year needs that they need, like clothes, pants, sandals, shoes. Some even bought school needs in Subasuka Gallery.  Aside from giving them shopping vouchers, TLM also facilitated them with transportation and staff to guide them while shopping.

Weltry,  one of the orphans from GMIT 221 Orphanage said that  she is so happy to shop, she can choose what to shop by herself because it is so rare for her. “we are so happy to shop with shopping voucher from TLM. Usually, we got clothes from people, now we buy them by ourselves. We picked them by ourselves. We are so happy. Thank you TLM for the Christmas gift”

TLM also contributed in helping the orphans by giving consumption money to each orphanage amounted to Rp. 200.000,- every week as additional budget to buy food for the children everday. This program is one of TLM social programs that have been running for a long time.

This program is an awareness of TLM for society of NTT as a socio-economic empowerment foundation, especially for orphans so they can feel and enjoy the joy of Christmas and New Year just like other children.